Business (Trading issues)

1. Preparation of the founding acts of your business, its registration and licensing
2. Drafting of the internal regulations of the operation and organization of your business
3. Periodic updates with the legislative changes in the areas where your business operates
4. Conducting legal transactions of the sale of quotas, stocks, and following the legal procedures.
5. Drafting of customized business contracts with maximum legal warranty.
6. Amending of business contracts to increase the level of legal certainty

7. Implementing the practices of entering into and terminating contracts
8. Judicial and non-judicial settlement of contractual or non-contractual disputes
9. Following the bailiff legal processes in which you are the credit or debit party, drafting of requests and agreements for installment payment of the liability
10. Preparation and drafting of lawsuits related to bailiff processes
11. Legal consultancy on ensuring your liabilities to third-parties
12. Drafting of lawsuits concerning the compensation for contractual or non-contractual damages
13. Representation in tax institutions, maintaining relationships, drafting of requests, appealing the notice of tax assessments by taking administrative and judicial mesures
14. Representation of the business in all state institutions, requesting information, compiling complaints, representation of your rights before the commissioners for the right to information, personal data etc.
15. Following legal procedures at the Competition Authority concerning the possible violation of the free market that affect the operation of your business, representation at hearings, professional compilation of complaints, appeals to the Court.

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