Edisa Theodhori

Edisa Theodhori is the administrator & lawyer of Legalmaster. She joined the company from the start by providing assistance in every step of its establishment and development.

In 2008, due to her excellent academic results, she was awarded a full-tuition scholarship to study at Epoka University in the Finance and Banking study field. Haviing acquired the vision of gaining competitive advantage in the market and the passion for the Philosophy of Law, she has also completed the university studies at the Faculty of Law Tirana, as well as the Master of Science studies in the field of Civil Law.

Edisa possesses intensive and dynamic work experience in the field of law, liberal professions, extensive knowledge at the procedural and strategic level of the bailiff service, legislative initiatives, the projects of the European Union for the materialization of justice and justice without delays, and academic experience at the Faculty of Law in the field of criminal law.

She administers legal cases in the field of business law, by handling, among others, market competition issues, the field of liabilities and contracts, legal issues of financial markets and the hydrocarbon sector, in terms of building problem-solving strategies for complex issues until the complete implementation and achievement of the planned results.

Furthermore, Edisa directed the construction of a structure that offers efficient service, which is communicated to the customer simply and quickly, with the utmost attention to details, and a service that does not compromise the quality and standard of integrity.

The excellent results in her academic education and her result-oriented work experience are considered to be her strong points, whereas her true passport comprises her passion, energy, perseverance and creative thinking.

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