Mevlut Derti

Mevlut Derti has joined the Legal Master team from 2018 in the capacity of the lawyer.

By making use of his passion and dedication, he has completed a series of courses and trainings in the field of leadership, the institutional structures of the European Union, consumer rights, human rights, national judicial practices and those of the European Court of Human Rights etc., organized by the School of Magistrates of the Republic of Albania, OSCE, European Union, SLYNN & IRZ German Foundation, Konrad Adenauer Foundation (FKD), Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) etc.

He has earned the title of mediator while having extensive experience in the field of mediation such as: Restorative Justice for Juveniles, conflict resolution etc.

He has extensive experience in the civil society for 8 years, as well as working as a lawyer in civil, contractual, commercial, property, family, obligation, administrative and criminal law issues. 

He worked for a long time as a training lecturer in the field of law in some professional qualification centers in Tirana.

Showing attention to details, a high level of responsibility at work, organizational and coordination skills, Mevlut gives his best in the Legalmaster team.

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